Homelessness in Marin

Every day in Marin there are over 930 men, women and children who experience homelessness and another 4,300 who are at risk of losing their housing. Homelessness occurs when individuals or families are unable to acquire and/or maintain housing they can afford.

Out of the 930 people,
32 percent are people in families and
68 percent are individuals and
21 percent are children under the age of eighteen

Marin does not have a largely visible population of persons experiencing homelessness. The majority of Marin's homeless are part of a growing "invisible" population of individuals and families who live in motels, in cars, campsites and temporally with family or friends and lack the resources or support to attain safe, stable and secure housing.

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Homeforall's mission is to educate and inspire community action to help prevent and end homelessness in Marin.

Self Sufficiency CHart

The Average Cost of Basic Monthly Expenses for a Family of Three:

  • Housing: $1,808
  • Childcare: $1,542
  • Food: $547
  • Transportation: $170
  • Healthcare: $276
  • Taxes: $963
  • Miscellaneous: $434
= $5,740 monthly or $68,880 per year